Interior design

Our interior architects realize smart, inspiring, and durable design solutions. From living room to office building; from modern to monumental; in our home country and abroad. We are ready to make your interior design wishes come true.

Office layout

In addition to designing your complete interior, Marts Design can also provide advice on how to optimize your office layout. It has been proven that a functional and aesthetic office layout increases productivity and satisfaction among employees. It’s no coincidence that our experience has taught us that successful organizations have one thing in common: satisfied and motivated employees.

Custom-made furniture

Sometimes standard furniture does not meet your requirements because it does not have the functionalities you are looking for or because it does not match what you have in mind. In such a case, custom-made furniture often is the best solution. We can design furniture that meets all your requirements.

3D visualizations

3D visualizations provide the perfect way to get a preview of your new design, renovation or construction project. Unlike 2D visualizations, 3D visualizations display realistic textures and colors, giving you much more insight into what the design will look like in reality. Marts Design produces 3D visualizations for both interior design projects and construction projects.