Ir. Louisa de Ronde

(Interior) Architect

I find it very important that I can express my creativity in my work. I want to inspire clients. As a designer you always try to think one step ahead of your client. It is a challenge to come up with something that they have never thought of before but of which you know they will respond enthusiastically because the solution really fits the organization. This requires knowledge, insight and creativity. Sustainability is very important to me, so I always try to introduce this to new clients. They do not always think about how much is possible, for example through the use of sustainable materials.

In my spare time I like to be creative as well. Art is really a hobby of mine, I like to paint and sell watercolors of animals. I also like to go out with friends, sitting quietly on the couch is nothing for me. Besides my work, I am studying interior design online at a well-known university in London as an addition to my Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from TU Delft.

Telefoon         +31 79 316 21 95 

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